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Back Support Braces

Back Support Braces

Back discomfort is a common side effect of surgery, aging, and injuries. Finding the perfect back brace or pillow to alleviate this pain is an important part of reclaiming your level of comfort. Here at Anaheim Medical Supplies, we carry quality products designed to assist our customers in finding the relief they need from back pain. 

A Look at Back Support Braces

If you experience back discomfort caused by muscle strain, a back brace may alleviate the pain that you feel. Back support braces provide the kind of support that allows you to remain active. They deliver support while you move about as well as while you are lifting moderately heavy items. You can even wear your back support product simply to assist you in feeling healthy and comfortable during your daily activities. 

When you choose a back brace, it is important to keep in mind that these items are also available with inserts that can be chilled or heated for added therapeutic value. Some braces even offer lumbar cushions, allowing you to feel more comfortable while sitting so that you can wear your brace at work or while traveling to and from your place of employment. 

A Look at Back Support Belts

If you are looking for support for your lower back, you may be interested in a specialized belt designed to deliver relief. This syle of belt fits on top of your clothes, allowing you the opportunity to take it off or put it on easily throughout your day. Back support belts are sold in various sizes. If you are unsure of the size that you need, you may want to purchase an adjustable back support belt.

A Look at Transfer Support Belts

A transfer support belt helps prevent back injury in caregivers who must lift their loved ones or patients on a regular basis. They are worn around your midsection and protect your back against the type of injury that can occur when doing heavy lifting. 

A Look at Back Support Cushions

Many manufacturers offer back support cushions to alleviate temporary as well as permanent back pain. Most of these items are crafted from memory foam and attractively styled to fit in easily with your existing decor. Memory foam cushions deliver an exceptional layer of support, applying necessary pressure to your back in order to encourage comfort and the relief of pain. You can also find back support cushions crafted from other types of material such as various kinds of fabric. Inflatable support cushions take up little space when deflated, making them the ideal option for anyone who travels by plane, train, or boat frequently.

A Look at Lumbar Back Support Devices

Lumbar support products are specially designed to alleviate pain in the back. Many styles are available, giving customers the options they need to find the perfect back support product. Lumbar back cushions deliver versatility and convenience, particularly since they can be used at home, at work, and on vacation. This simple solution delivers comfort that may not be achievable otherwise. Please browse through our current inventory of lumbar back support cushions to find one that is perfect for your need. Lumbar cushions are available for use with wheelchairs as well. 

Back support braces are easily worn beneath your clothing, allowing you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits privately. If you are interested in learning more about the back braces that are available, please browse through our product page or contact us with your questions. 

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