CPAP Nasal Mask – the Best form of Treatment CPAP Nasal Mask – the Best form of Treatment – Anaheim Medical Supplies
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CPAP Nasal Mask – the Best form of Treatment

CPAP Nasal Mask – the Best form of Treatment

CPAP Nasal Mask – the Best form of Treatment


While Treatment with a CPAP full face mask may be considered the best form of Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), there are many instances in which a full face mask may be rendered useless. Furthermore, the amount of discomfort experienced by a patient while using a full face mask is also a major problem faced by many doctors nowadays when treating apnea. Therefore, using a simple nasal mask to provide your nasal passages with a sufficient amount of air needed for breathing may be a much better option.

The Las Vegas medical store has tons of options for you to choose from when buying a CPAP nasal mask. For these masks are not only super comfortable but also relatively more practical than the full face ones.

CPAP nasal masks

As opposed to all the regular CPAP full face masks, these CPAP nasal masks are manufactured just for the nasal area in a way that they are the least obstructive and the most comfortable of all the masks to wear whilst to sleep. They usually don't require a headgear and can be easily fixed on your nose with the help of a couple of straps. 

The absence of the headgear is what makes these masks so effective and efficient since it allows the patient to have a good night's sleep without the ultimate discomfort of a full face mask. One of the most common ones amongst these offered at the Las Vegas medical store is the SleepWeaver 3D Soft Cloth CPAP Mask, featuring a mask made out of a soft cloth.

CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask

The CPAP nasal pillow mask offers greater protection as compared to the simple CPAP nasal mask to prevent the mask from leaking whilst sleeping with it. These masks are fitted with a flexible pillow base, which can be easily adjusted based on the person's need. It also allows for the movement of the mask without the breaking of its seal since it’s relatively loose fitted and doesn’t have to be tightly secured on to the head with a headgear. The ResMed Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask is one such example.

CPAP nasal mask Parts

At times, a person may end up displacing one of the parts of their nasal masks which could make them buy a whole new one. But here, at the Las Vegas medical store, you can choose from several different nasal mask parts to fit your own specific needs. These may include the cushions, headgears, mask tube, and even the mask clips.

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