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Hospital Bed and Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital Bed and Hospital Bed Rental

Hospital Bed and Hospital Bed Rental
Hospital beds are designed to provide comfort to the patient and a convenient solution to the caregivers. A hospital bed can make you recover faster and provide a hospital environment at your home. Renting a quality medical bed for your house is a more cost-effective and wise decision than purchasing one. It requires a lesser amount of investment, and once the use of the bed has finished, it doesn't have to lie around in your house, taking up unnecessary space.
The modern hospital bed came into existence a century ago and since then has been used in every hospital and even homes.

Features of Hospital beds Wheels
Inbuilt wheels allow caregivers to easily move the bed in order to assist and care for the patient. The wheels come with locks which increases safety and allows the patient to be transferred in and out of bed.
The headboard and footboard in the bed can be easily raised to assist the patient. In olden days it was done manually using cranks, but now it is automatic and can be controlled with a remote. Raising the head helps the patient into a sitting position which enables eating, helps in breathing in some patients and other activities.
Raising the footboard can help the patient move upwards. The height of the bed can also be changed in order to transfer the patient in and out of bed easily.
Side rails
Side rails provide safety and protection to the patient. They may also contain buttons for controlling and operating the movement of the bed, TV and ringing the nurse by both the patient and the caregivers.

Some of the modern beds are made up of columns which can tilt the bed up to 15-30 degrees. This feature enables caregivers to do their tasks easily and with less risk of hurting the patient. It also helps prevent back pains and injuries.
Bed exit alarm
Many latest hospital beds have a bed exit alarm that sets off if the patient falls out of the bed or wonders off. This can help the caregiver monitor the patient more effectively and from a distance.
Before renting a hospital bed, it is necessary you go through and understand its features so they can be used to care for the patient effectively and easily at their home. Remember that no matter how advanced medical equipment become, they will never be able to provide the love and care a patient needs. So spend time with them and give them time and affection.

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