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Senior people slipping in the bathroom

Senior people slipping in the bathroom

Toilet Seat Raiser

There have been many incidents of senior people slipping in the bathroom, and it’s well-known now that the washroom is a pretty dangerous place for senior individuals who have difficulty walking, balancing and standing. This is why it is very important to choose the correct raised toilet seat. A raised toilet seat helps individuals who have difficulty using the toilet daily by increasing the height of the seat. You don’t have to spend money on buying a new raised toilet and installing it. For individuals facing mobility issues, this raised toilet seat can make going to the washroom easier, safer and better.

The standard and common raised toilet seats elevate the seat height up to 2-6 inches. The total raised height depends on the total height of the user. It is important that the feet of the patient are comfortably rested on the floor after sitting on the raised toilet seat.

For individuals who are in a better condition and only need the raised toilet seat for a short period and minimal support while getting up and sitting down, they can consider a non-locking raised toilet seat. A non-locking raised toilet seat is placed on top of the toilet but is not securely fixed, locked and screwed in. However, it is important to note that because the raised toilet seat is not screwed in, there may be a safety issue for those who require strong support and are highly dependent. In such circumstances, a grab-bar is an ideal solution as it provides the patient something to hold on for increased support while getting up.

For patients looking for increased stability and security, a raised toilet seat that can be locked is an ideal solution. Because it is screwed onto the current toilet seat and firmly secured.

Both locking and non-locking types come with arms or without arms. These grab bars provide additional support to the patient. But if the patient has to apply a lot of weight on these bars, then it is highly recommended that they get a separate grab bar or toilet rails, because applying too much pressure on the elevated toilet seat arms can cause the seat to slide off the toilet and produce complications.

These raised toilet seats are available in different sizes and shapes in the market. It is important to purchase the seat that perfectly fits onto the toilet. You should note down the measurements of your toilet seat before making the final transaction. You should also check the weight capacity of the raised toilet seat you are about to buy. You can also opt for a padded toilet seat that increases comfort but is difficult to clean and maintain.

Once you make the purchase, make sure you correctly install the raised toilet seat to prevent any hazards and complications.

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