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Walker with Front Wheels And Seat

Walker with Front Wheels And Seat

Seated walkers- A comprehensive guide

 People are suffering from medical conditions that limit their movements such as foot injury, ankle injury, weak muscles, osteoporosis, chronic arthritis, and ankle or foot surgery, have difficulty doing everyday activities and tasks. They may also become bound indoors. Medical seated walkers are designed to provide independence and freedom of movement to such persons. With the help, if seated walker individuals who have difficulty walking, balancing and standing can enjoy their everyday life and move around as they please.

What Is a Walker?
A walker is a type of mobility equipment that provides support to people who can walk but need assistance. A walker has a framework made from a strong material that provides firm support. The frame is extremely lightweight which allows the user to pick it up and move it easily. The four-legged frame enables the person to lean on it for support and balance. A walker features cushioned hand grips that ensure a tight grip and increase comfort and stability. The ends the legs are covered by rubber caps that are anti-skid and anti-slip and improve overall safety and security.

There are different types of seated walkers available in the market that you should know of before you make the final decision. Following are some of the most common types of walkers along with the features that make them unique and different.

Anaheim Folding Walkers
Folding walkers are walkers that feature a two-button folding mechanism that allows the user to fold the walker into a compact size. This will enable it to be easily stored and transported in a car, plane or bus.
Height-Adjustable Walkers
Some seated walkers have the feature of height adjustment. They allow the user to adjust the height of the walker according to their want by pushing certain pins and buttons. Adults and children can use these height-adjustable walkers.
Hemi Walkers
This type of walkers allows the user to lean on only one side for support. They are for people who lack dexterity in one hand.

Anaheim Walker with Front Wheels
There are also walkers that feature 5-inch front wheels. These wheels allow the user to maneuver the walker over different terrains both indoors and outdoors.
Walkers are a common and affordable solution for people with disabilities. If you are planning on taking one, the following are its benefits:
Ideal for outdoors
Walkers have strong and durable front wheels that allow the user to maneuver over rough and uneven terrains. They are also lightweight and cost-effective.
You can have a seat
Walkers have an inbuilt seat that has a weight capacity of about 350 lb. The seat is super comfortable and soft.
Seated walkers are a great alternative to crutches and other assistive equipment. They are affordable and effective. You can also rent them if your problem lasts only a few weeks.

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