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What is a Knee Braces Good for?

What is a Knee Braces Good for?

Knee Braces – All you need to know!
A knee brace supports your knee and relieves pain which may be caused by a knee injury or medical conditions such as osteoarthritis. They help by shifting your weight from the affected area of your knee. This helps you walk and move about.
When to use a Knee Brace
Knee braces are worn when:
You are experiencing knee pain
Want to protect your knee from damages and injuries during contact sorts
For speeding up the recovery process of an affected knee due to different medical conditions such as ACL injury and arthritis.
Types of Knee Braces
There are multiple types of knee braces availed in the market including:
Knee sleeves 
They come in different sizes, and you can easily wear them by pulling them over your knee. They provide mild compression which helps treat swelling and inflammation. They can be worn under clothes.
Dual wrap braces
These are designed for athletes who experience mild or moderate knee pain due to sports. They provide more support than sleeves and are easy to wear.
Hinged knee braces
These are designed for use after knee surgery. Athletes and patients who require a greater degree of protection and knee support often use them. Hinged knee braces help protect the knee from further injury and keeps the knee in the proper position. This helps elevate the recovery process and enables the patient to bend and walk as they wish.

Knee strap
It does wonders for people suffering from knee pain due to different medical conditions such as patellar tendonitis and Osgood-Schlatter disease. It provides mild compression on your patellar tendon and relieves knee pain. It can easily be worn under clothes and is both comfortable and easy to use.
Closed and open patella braces
Closed patella braces do not have a hole in the center of the pad whereas open patella braces do — the hole aids to release the knee pressure and provide extra support. Closed patella provides compression and helps to decrease swelling and pain.

Which Brace should you wear?
The answer to this question depends on multiple factors such as the amount of support your knee needs, amount of pain and swelling, what caused the knee pain, how much movement should your knee make and also what your doctor recommends.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before making the final decision because there is a wide variety of options to choose from and each has its unique features and protection level. Knee braces are a simple solution to your knee problem so don’t hesitate in investing in them.

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