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Whether you are caring for a loved one or need assistance yourself, the purchase of a commode can improve your ability to manage personal hygiene needs on your own. Home commodes provide convenience and flexibility when it comes to dealing with bathroom activities regarding personal waste. Here at Anaheim Medical Supplies, we provide competitive pricing and fast delivery for our existing inventory or commodes as well as for all of our other products, including walkers, canes, and lift chairs. If you need assistance in finding the right commode for your needs, please contact us at your convenience. 


Home Commodes


Home commodes provide an easier way to manage bathroom necessities for individuals with limited mobility. Rather than struggling to make your way to the bathroom, you can choose to place a commode in your bedroom for easy access. Home commodes are also referred to as bedroom commodes or portable commodes. They are designed to provide stability, allowing people to use them without worrying about tipping them over or having difficulty using them. 


Styles of Commodes


Home commodes are sold by many manufacturers and are designed to support the weight specified for the product. Popular brands include Nova, Drive Medical, SoCalMedicalSupplies, and TFI Medical. The majority of home commodes are white in color. Commodes are available with and without arms as well as with standard-sized and elongated seats. Some models have attached wheels, allowing you to move them easily from one room to another. It is even possible to find a commode that seconds as a shower chair. 


Positive Advantages of Commodes


Private commodes provide the following advantages:

  • Simplify daily bathroom routines
  • Adds convenience of arms for individuals needing assistance in getting up or down
  • Portability allows people to relocate commodes as needed
  • No plumbing is required

How to Select the Proper Size for Your Commode


Home commodes are available in different sizes, accommodating various heights and weights. In order to obtain the highest level of stability during use, it is important to select a commode that is rated for the individual's weight. 


Choosing the Features You Need in a Commode


Finding the perfect commode is easy to do once you determine which features are the most suitable for your needs. Your primary goal should be to make your selection based upon safety first and convenience second. In general, every type of commode is going to offer some measure of convenience, since you can place it in any room that you wish. However, the level of safety you achieve is determined by features such as the length of the seat, the presence of arms, and the need for mobility. 


For individuals who spend much of their time sitting, commodes with padded seats provide an additional layer of comfort. An elongated seat is often preferred to the standard seat with a round shape, particularly by individuals who are larger or who have a limited range of motion when sitting down or standing up. 


If you are interested in using your commode as a shower transfer bench, you can find several options. This style of commode is designed to be used for both purposes. Before you transfer your chair to the shower, it is important to place a no-slip mat in the shower or tub. Installing grab bars onto the tub walls increases the safety of using the commode as a shower bench. 


If you are caring for a loved one, purchasing a commode can help keep this individual safe from harm. Many injuries occur in the bathroom, particularly when the elderly are involved. If toileting is becoming difficult for your loved one to accomplish, you may want to think about the benefits offered by arranging for a commode to be placed in the bedroom.