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Knee Walkers

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Knee Walkers in Anaheim

If you are suffering from a foot injury and crutches are not suitable for your assistance with the healing process, knee walkers are the perfect alternative. Instead of utilizing crutches even though you find them uncomfortable you can choose knee walkers, which provide a comparatively higher comfort level. They are useful when it comes to exerting less pressure on your injured foot so that it can start healing.

How do knee walkers help you?

A knee walker is a wheeled walking device, which allows you to take the weight off your lower body to help with your healing. It gives your injured foot stability and support to prevent an aggravation of the injury. A knee walker allows you to be hand free while using it, which makes it easy for you to conduct your day-to-day activities without obstruction.  To ensure the effectiveness of a knee walker in assisting you, make sure that that it is adjusted in accordance with your body structure. If this is not done the efficacy of the knee walker in terms of lowering the pressure on your injured foot might be compromised. They also allow you to reach out for things without the risk of falling involved.


Advantages of using knee walkers

Knee walkers are the perfect alternative to crutches due to the comfort and ease of use they offer. Most knee walkers have an ergonomic design, which allows users to stay in an upright position with a straight back. This is a huge benefit when it comes to maintaining posture and consequently preventing future back related injuries. 


Knee walkers have a sturdy frame and an advanced automotive steering mechanism. This allows for an easy and ranged directional control for your independence and confidence to be regained. The handlebars of knee walkers allow for easier navigation through tight areas, which makes it mobile.


In addition to this, a lot of the knee walkers come equipped with baskets. This makes it easier for people to carry things while moving to prevent an injury from disrupting your day-to-day activities. Propelled on 3-4 wheels, knee walkers allow for you to cover large distances in a comparatively shorter period. When it comes to comparing them with crutches a lot of people choose knee walkers simply because of how fast you can travel in comparison. This makes it so that your daily busy life is not disturbed because of your injury. The biggest benefit of knee walkers, however, is how they allow for injured individuals to have the independence that had been compromised.


Why should you buy knee walkers?

If you are thinking about what would help you with a speedy recovery for a foot injury, knee walkers are the ideal choice. Due to their design, they will balance your weight to make sure that your weight does not pressure your injured foot.


For further inquiries and information about knee walkers, contact our customer support. They will be sure to assist you with your inquiries. 




What Are Knee Walkers?


Knee walker are designed to ease the process of walking when you have an injured foot of leg. They are commonly chosen instead of crutches or canes that can increase the risk of additional injury. Knee walkers are constructed with wheels, allowing you to roll from place to place, keeping the pressure off your foot or leg. Basically, they take the pressure of a person's weight off their lower extremities in order to promote healing of the injury. Knew walkers are also called roll-about walkers.


How Do Knee Walkers Work?


A knee walker is constructed from metal. It has wheels and rolls as you move. It is steerable, allowing you to choose the direction in which you wish to travel. It also has a caddy to hold the knee securely, easily avoiding additional injury. This style of walker is typically fitted with adjustable handlebars as well as an adjustable knee caddy. 


The idea behind knee walkers is to provide support for the individual's body weight in order to keep pressure away from the injured area. They are designed to support as much as fifty percent of the user's weight. Therefore, the individual must be able to support the other fifty percent. This style of walker is meant for someone who has a temporary injury that is making them unable to support their full body weight without assistance. 


Benefits of Knee Walkers Over Canes


Knee walkers are useful devices that assist people with injured ankles, feet, or legs. They provide weight-bearing relief, making it easier to heal. Since sprained ankles often occur when you are away from home, you may discover the benefit of using a knee walker instead of a cane or crutches. While canes can help, they don't always simplify the task of taking the pressure away from the injured foot. You don't need to stop having fun just because you've sprained your ankle. If you are vacationing at Disneyland or staying at one of Anaheim's fabulous hotels, consider the many benefits of using a knee walker to get around from one place to another. 


Knee walkers allow you to propel yourself in the direction you wish to go. You can even do so with your hands completely free, allowing you to pick up items or hold them as you navigate the rooms within your home. Plus, you can move about freely with the knowledge that you are less likely to experience a fall since you have the firm support offered by the walker. 


Cautionary Advice


Knee walkers are designed for people who have enough strength to support at least fifty percent of their body weight. It should not be used by someone who has more difficulty standing or who is unsteady on their feet on a regular basis. A standard rollator is suggested for someone who has severely limited mobility. 


Knee walkers are generally more comfortable than crutches. If you are unsure whether this is the right choice for you, speak with your personal physician. If you need assistance choosing between the standard and heavy duty models, please contact our customer service department for guidance.