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Lymphedema Wound Care Garments in Anaheim Orange County

Lymphedema wound care garments and compression therapy is designed to cater to lymphedema patients. Although it can be caused by genetics lymphedema mostly comes from various injuries or infections that impact the lymphatic system making it ineffective. In the majority of cases, this causes painful swelling in the lower extremities of the body, for instance, the legs and arms. If you are suffering from such a condition, it is best to treat it before it aggravates to a more serious medical condition. Compression therapy is the ideal treatment for lymphedema and the painful swelling it causes.


How does compression therapy work?

Both compression wraps and pumps achieve the compression of swelling. Sometimes called compression garments, compression wraps are a more accessible treatment. They work by offering support to the muscles in the affected area and causing the lymph fluid to move out of the area. When the fluid build up is prevented, the patient will experience a decrease in the pain and discomfort. If utilized regularly these garments will eventually decrease the overall swelling that the patient is faced with. For this to be effective, however, patients need to comply with what their physicians say. The physicians will prescribe the amount of times you need to wear these wraps during the day, which is essential for your recovery.

Advantages of compression garments

The biggest advantage of compression garments is the accessibility they offer. Instead of getting the medicinal treatment you can take care of your medical problem from home. This takes away the hassle of you constantly visiting a medical practitioner for your prescriptions.

Furthermore, since you will not be taking any medication you will be protected from the multiple side effects you can encounter while using medicines. This is because compression garments are non-toxic and don't contain any chemical ingredients that might harm you.

Patients of lymphedema do not only utilize compression garments, but they can also be and are used by a number of completely healthy people. For instance, athletes often benefit from compression therapy because it helps with keeping the muscles warm and increase the blood flow to deliver oxygen to them. Moreover, they are extremely helpful for individuals who have recently undergone surgery since they are susceptible to lymphedema. Compression garments help with the circulation of the lymphatic fluid and consequently reduce swelling.

Why should you buy compression garments?

If you are suffering from lymphedema and the painful swelling is getting unbearable, compression therapy is the perfect treatment for you. It is easy to employ effective treatment, which will reduce your swelling and pain in no time. Simultaneously it is entirely safe to use contrary to medicines, which have potential side effects. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate when it comes to treating lymphedema since the treatment is readily available.

For further inquiries with regards to compression garments, contact our customer support who are available to provide for you all the information.