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Orthopedic products deliver relief from temporary pain and swelling. They are often recommended for individuals going through rehabilitation and physical therapy, particularly because they offer preventative support as well as relief from discomfort. Orthopedic supports and braces can be used for the elbows, arms, ankles, knees, neck, and back. Different designs accommodate the unique shape of the body as well as the purpose behind their use. Primary goals of using orthopedic supports include immobilization and stabilization with relief from pain as a secondary goal.


Leg Rests


Leg rests are recommended for individuals needed to improve circulation in their lower extremities. Different styles are available to suit individual preferences. Many of today's leg rests offer washable covers. 


Lumbar Support


Lumbar support products deliver firm support for the lower back, easing discomfort and minimizing the risk of initiating renewed pain. Various styles and sizes are available, allowing customers to find products that accommodates their needs. Many of today's lumbar support products come in washable covers, promoting long-term use. 


Clavicle Support


Clavicle support braces wrap around the upper portion of the back in order to stabilize the collarbone by holding the shoulders in a backward position. Clavicle supports are intended to promote healing for a fractured or strained clavicle or shoulder. Today, they are also sold to promote good posture. 


Night Splints


Night splints are designed to treat a variety of problematic conditions, including plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendinopathy. These products are sold with or without a wedge. Night splints stretch the foot in an effort to offer relief from discomfort.


Knee Support


Knee braces and support products encourage rehabilitation of the knee. These products are designed to minimize discomfort by providing necessary orthopedic support toward a goal of successful recovery. Orthopedic support for the knees are available in a variety of popular styles including knee straps, hinged knee braces, immobilizers, and compression sleeves. It is important to match the type of knee support with your activity level to promote everyday use and faster healing. 


Arm Slings


Arm slings are used to encourage healing from surgery or recovery from an arm sprain or strain. Most styles of arm slings are lightweight and easy to use. Arm slings are available with easy-to-clean fabrics and adjustable straps. 


Wrist and Hand Support 


Wrist and hand support products encourage recovery through their design. These orthopedic products are available in several different types, including finger braces, finger splints, and wrist braces. Some of these products provide complete immobilization while others offer moderate support. It is important to consider your orthopedic needs when buying your hand or wrist support products in order to choose the one that is best for your physical needs. Specialized wrist and hand supports are available such as night support models and those designed to treat carpal tunnel.


Ankle Support


Ankle braces and support products treat strained, sprained, and injured ankles. They are designed to deliver strength and support to encourage healing while minimizing discomfort. Various styles are available, including ankle compression, heel protection pads, and boots. 


Maternity Support


Maternity support products offer temporary stability for the pelvis in order to alleviate back discomfort caused by pregnancy. Different options are available.