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If you have difficulty walking on a daily basis or just want a little help to maintain your stamina during a long day enjoying the rides at Disneyland, a rolling walker may be the solution you need. A rolling walker has a sturdy frame, legs, handles, and a set of wheels. You can find three-wheeled and four-wheeled rolling walkers, giving you plenty of options to consider  before making your purchase at our Anaheim Medical Supplies shop.


Rolling walkers are one of the most popular types of walking aids. They are also commonly referred to as walkers with wheels, wheeled walkers, or rollators. They provide stability and are exceptionally suitable for styling. Rollators have built-in seats and most models also offer a detachable bag for storing small incidentals during each trip. 


Different Types of Rolling Walkers


Catering to a population of individuals looking for assistance with mobility issues, the manufacturers of rolling walkers have created a wide assortment of styles. Each model features some type of sturdy frame, a seat, and wheels. In most cases, the seat is padded and the wheels are attached to firmly secured legs. Rollators differ in the style of handles, hand brakes, colors, and extra features, creating a line of options that provides something for everyone. Each of the features is designed to produce a safer, more comfortable, or more user-friendly ride. 


Intended Use of Rolling Walkers


Rolling walkers are designed to improve an individual's ability to move around from one place to another. The presence of a seat provides support for the person's weight, taking the pressure away from the back and legs. While crutches and canes are often chosen to assist people who are dealing with an ankle sprain or a broken leg, rollators deliver greater flexibility. This piece of mobility equipment can be used solely by the individual or a companion or family member can offer assistance in moving the walker from place to place. 


Deciding on a Rolling Walker - Standard versus Bariatric


Although many differences exist from one walker to the next, most of these variations are minor. Typically, they involve the color of the rollator, the style of hand brake, or the size of the wheels. The biggest difference occurs when you consider a standard rollator versus a bariatric model. 


Standard rollators are crafted from lightweight aluminum, while bariatric rolling walkers are made with heavy-duty frames. The seat on a bariatric model is wider than the one found on a standard walker. If the individual who is going to use the rolling walker has a heavier frame, the bariatric style is going to provide the strength and support needed. 


Choosing the Best Rolling Walker in Anaheim for Your Needs


Before you purchase the first rollator you see, take a few moments to consider which features are the most important to you. Are you looking for a sturdy model to support your weight on a regular basis or can a standard rollator fulfill your needs for a temporary period of time? Do you need a large seat or one designed for the average-sized person? 


Another point to think about is whether or not you can manage the hand brakes. If you do not have enough dexterity and strength left in your hands, you may want to consider getting a rolling walker with pressure brakes. 


Don't rely on the image provided for the walker to make your decision. Knee walkers are also highly sought after and have been mistaken by some individuals for rolling walkers. If you need a seat to rest in between moving about, make sure that you are buying a rolling walker that comes with an attached seat. 


Manufacturers of Rolling Walkers 

Certain manufacturers are well-known for their product lines of rolling walkers. These manufacturers include Drive, Medline, Nova, Nitro, and Hugo. 


It is important to read the specifications on the model you are considering before you make your purchase. While the majority of rolling walkers are designed for indoor and outdoor use, some rollators are intended for indoor use only. 


Anaheim Medical Supplies is your source for top-of-the-line rolling walkers. We obtain our products from leading manufacturers and offer fast shipping or delivery. If you are vacationing in this area of California and sprained your ankle, don't let it ruin your trip. Our medical supplies shop carries affordably priced rollators designed for just this purpose. Order one today and enjoy the rides tomorrow.


If you need assistance in choosing the best mobility device for your needs, please contact our customer service staff for assistance today. Our employees are highly knowledgeable about the products we sell and can answer your questions quickly and clearly. Give us a call. We have what you need to get up and moving once again.