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First Aid Supplies

First Aid Supplies

Anaheim Medical Supplies provides an extensive selection of first aid products, delivering convenience and one-stop shopping for our customers. Please browse through our inventory to find what you need. 

Burn Products

An accidental burn on the skin can cause pain and discomfort. Only severe burns need to be treated at the hospital. Superficial burns are easily treated using specialized products made for this purpose. Our inventory is designed to provide everything you need to successfully treat your burns. It includes topical ointments, sprays, and gels formulated to ease the discomfort of burns and facilitate healing. Additional supplies are available, including bandages and gauze.

Clotting Supplies

Deep wounds often lead to excessive bleeding. Clotting supplies come in handy when this type of situation arises. While you may not expect to experience a deep cut or gash, having clotting supplies in your first aid kit could prove useful. Our collection of clotting products includes sprays, powders, and blood clotting kits.

Emergency Care Products

If you need medical attention quickly, having the emergency care products you need on hand can be valuable. Our emergency care products include the following types of items: tourniquets, CPR equipment, triangular bandages, airway management devices, immobilization equipment, and trauma dressings. 

Eye Care Supplies

Eye care products manage eye irritation, alleviate discomfort caused by injury and medical conditions, and flush debris from the eyes. Our inventory includes eye drops, eye solutions, eye wash, and eye cups.

First Aid Antiseptics

Minimizing the risk of infection is important when an injury occurs. First aid antiseptics are available in sprays, ointments, and gels. 

First Aid Kits

First aid kits contain a little bit of everything that you may need when an injury occurs. Our existing inventory of first aid kits includes basic and well-stocked options. Most of them include bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, pain relief, cleansing solutions, splints, and instructions.

Fluid Cleanup

Cleaning up bodily fluids is an important aspect of minimizing the risk of cross infection and contamination. Our inventory consists of absorbing powders, solutions, and cleanup kits. 

Foot Care Products

The feet can experience a large number of problems, most of which are uncomfortable or painful. In some cases, particularly when the patient is diabetic, an injury or problem with the toes or feet can be life threatening. Our inventory of foot care products includes solutions for bunions, corns, calluses, odor, pain, plantar fasciitis, insoles, inserts, socks, and supports.

Insect Sting Relief

Products designed to treat insect bites and stings include sprays, gels, creams, and wipes.

Medicines - Unit Dose

Unit dose medicines are commonly prescribed for a wide variety of ailments. They are typically used to treat pain, colds, allergies, and stomach issues. These products are often found in liquid, capsule, tablet, and pill form. 


Setting broken bones properly aids in the healing process. Splints are used to immobilize bones until they can be set. Splints are available for fingers, feet, ankles, wrists, hands, arms, and legs. 

Please browse through our first aid supply catalog to find the product you need.