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Customers with a wide variety of medical illnesses and conditions often require the benefits provided by durable medical equipment to enjoy life more fully. Some of these items are reusable and can withstand regular use, while other products may require more frequent replacement. Please browse through the selection of durable medical equipment offered by Anaheim Medical Supplies to find the supplies and products you need. 

Aids to Daily Living

Our collection of aids to daily living is wide-ranging. It includes everything patients need to manage the activities of daily living. You will find the following items in this collection: dining aids, patient bibs, weight scales, bathing aids, bath safety devices, personal hygiene aids, dressing aids, hip kits, patient-assist devices, and patient-transfer equipment.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home, making bathroom safety an essential goal for anyone. Our existing collection of safety devices for the bathroom includes grab bars, raised toilet seats, commodes, bath mats, shower accessories, shower chairs, transfer benches, and toilet safety products. 

Beds and Accessories

Easing bedtime and waking routines for individuals with limited mobility is easily accomplished through the use of specialized beds and accessories. The current selection at Anaheim Medical Supplies includes bed trays, APP pads, bed positioners, bed safety devices, bed protection, mattresses, mattress protection, bed accessories, over-bed tables, and hospital bed sheeting.


Canes are sold in a varied selection of designs. Our collection includes blind canes, quad canes, seat canes, and single point canes. This category also features cane accessories, grips, tips, and specialized handles. 


Recovery from an injury and/or surgery is often facilitated with the use of crutches when walking. The collection of crutches at Anaheim Medical Supplies includes underarm crutches and forearm crutches. A number of accessories for crutches is also available, including grips, tips, cushions, and pads. Before making your purchase, evaluate whether of not the set of crutches you are considering will be sturdy enough to accommodate your height and weight. 

Diabetic Supplies

Diabetic supplies come in a wide assortment. Our current collection includes test strips, insulin syringes, pen needles, glucose meter kits, glucose log books, wound care, insulin pump supplies, insulin protectors, and travel cases. 

Mobility Devices

Designed to ease daily living activities, mobility devices include ramps, wheelchair accessories, mobility scooters, and travel aids.

Patient Slings and Lifts 

Offered in designs suitable for use at home or in the hospital setting, patient slings and lifts ease the process of transitioning a person from one setting to another one. Anaheim Medical Supplies carries hydraulic patient lifts, electric patient lifts, and a variety of slings. 

Pillows and Cushions

Pain is often alleviated through the use of high quality pillows and cushions. Our current inventory features knee pillows, cervical pillows, gel cushions, memory foam cushions, donut cushions, back support cushions, elbow protectors, heel protectors, and pressure relief pads.

Respiratory Devices

Individuals experiencing breathing difficulties can often find relief through the use of specialized respiratory devices. The existing inventory at Anaheim Medical Supplies includes a variety of CPAP equipment, BiPAP devices, nebulizers, pulse oximeters, oxygen accessories, and respiratory disposables. 

Walkers and Rollators

Our selection of walkers and rollators is extensive. It includes standard walkers, heavy-duty walkers, 3-wheel walkers, 4-wheel walkers, heavy-duty 4-wheel walkers, 4-wheel walkers with seats, hemi walkers, and knee walkers. We also sell forearm platforms, grip covers, cup holders, glide skis, seat cushions, and baskets for walkers and rollators. 


Suitable for nursing home, hospital, and home use, wheelchairs are sold in numerous styles. Our current collection includes lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, bariatric wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, bariatric transport chairs, and accessories for wheelchairs. 

In addition to offering an extensive inventory of products, Anaheim Medical Supplies provides a number of essential services for our customers, ensuring they receive the products they need quickly and reliably. Please check out the information below to learn more about these services. 

Speedy Handling and Shipping

Anaheim Medical Supplies understands the importance of filling all orders quickly. We take pride in our ability to handle each order on the same day as it was received. We want our customers to be able to reclaim the independence they need to fully enjoy life as soon as possible. Therefore, we promise to move quickly to fill each order and get it set up to ship out. Local delivery to the Anaheim area is offered, giving visitors to Disneyland the ability to rent or purchase the products they need while on vacation.

Service for Scooters and Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs and scooters are expensive pieces of equipment. At Anaheim Medical Supplies, we provide an extensive assortment of services for all of our power equipment, including scooters and wheelchairs. Our technicians provide everything from maintenance tasks to repair services in order to ensure your powered devices are in tip-top shape at all times. Your safety is important not only to you but also to us. Please call and schedule an appointment if the need for repairs arises.

Warranty Repair of Defective Products

Manufacturer warranties are in place for many of the medical supplies and products we sell. If your equipment turns out to be defective, we promise to make every effort to have your item repaired quickly. We respect a customer's need for mobility and safety and work hard to ensure your needs are met. No matter how long your repair is going to take, we offer the option of borrowing one of our rental products to use while you wait. Please contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Here at Anaheim Medical Supplies, we choose only the best products to sell. This strategy ensures the highest level of quality in the medical equipment and supplies we offer to our customers. However, we do recognize the fact that problematic situations arise unexpectedly, leading to the need for an emergency repair or replacement. If you find yourself in a position in which you require 24-hour emergency service, please feel free to contact us immediately.

Swift Delivery and Set-up of Products

Here at Anaheim Medical Supplies, we work hard to deliver each order in a timely fashion. Once your shipment arrives at your location, you have the option to ask the driver to set up your item for you. This option is especially helpful if you are receiving a wheelchair, scooter, or mobility chair. Our drivers are happy to be of service. They are knowledgeable about the products they deliver and can answer most questions on proper use and maintenance for your equipment. Instruction booklets accompany most of the equipment we sell, and you can always check for additional information in them.